"We have to admit...we didn't think it was possible to build a home in just four days as we were told by the show's producers who approached us. But we've now seen that when hundreds of people come together to work and serve together, it certainly is possible. Our motivation and inspiration: Ms Felicia Jackson and the sacrifices she made to care for 14 children." -Amita Jain, VP Classic Homes

With the help of our partners, vendors, subcontractors and hundreds of volunteers, the build for Ms Felicia Jackson and her family was completed in four days. The traditional-style 4800 square foot home has a colonial brick front with portico which required the labor of 30 brick layers working simultaneously laying each brick by hand. Our 60 or so framers worked thru the day and night and framed the entire home ahead of schedule - in less than one day. The crowds cheered as the roof was layed on top by huge machinery. For more details on each day of the build, visit our Blog.


We are collecting donations for the Lincoln Park Community Center, an organization that has been helping the Jackson family from the very beginning. Your donation can help them continue to help others.

We are looking for donations of:
Educational Materials
School Supplies
Back Packs
Non Perishable Foods for snacks
Sports Equipment

Donations can be dropped off at the build site or at the office of Classic Homes.

For more information please call Mickey McLaughlin at

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